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Editing the Intro
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Editing the intro...

OK first off you should get your hands on the original intro. You will need it for 2 reasons. One will be to back up in case you ever get tired of yours and want the original one. The other is if you plan to edit it by replacing music or adding subtitles or something.
OK to get the original intro, FTP to your Xbox, go to your halo 2 folder (f/games/halo 2) then open the bink folder. FTP intro60 to your computer and put it some were safe (like the desktop).
OK now you can do a couple things. You can keep the original movie and just replace the music, take an already made movie of your choice and make it into the intro, or many combos of the 2.
How too change the music!
Fist thing you will need to do is convert the into which is a .bink file into a format that we can play with. To do this we will need a program called Bink and Smacker[size=1]
Once you have this you can you it to convert intro60.bink too intro60.avi Too do this open bink and smacker (rad video tools). Find the intro60.bink and then press convert a file. Now choose were you want it too be saved and hit convert. Wait for a bit it may take awhile.
Now you have the intro as a AVI. Too test it try playing it with WMP or some other video player. If it works then your all set to start editing! Now for this next step you can use any program you want. Just as long as it can replace audio from a video. But if you don't have a nice video editor program never fear Windows Movie Maker is here! Too find it (windows movie maker comes with all windows XP computer operating systems) go to your start menu and click search. Pick all files and folders, then search for "movie maker" The first thing it finds should be Windows Movie Maker. Double click it too open it up and start editing.
Editing the Intro Using Windows Movie Maker
Now once in Windows Movie Maker click file then find "import into collections..." Now Find the intro.AVI NOT the .bink!!! And press import once you have found it. Now in the collections window you should see the intro. Drag and drop it into the time line at the bottom that says video. Now go to import into collections again and find the song you want to hear with the intro. Import it and then drag and drop it into the time line were it says "audio/music" OK almost there now we have to mute out the old halo 2 music. To do this find a button the far left that says set audio levels. Now you should see a slider with Audio from video on the left side and audio/music on the right. Slide the slider all the way to the right (audio/music). Now to test it try playing it in the preview window in the top right. If you like what your hearing and seeing then you are ready to move onto the final step. If not play around a bit with the music or video to make it how ever you want it.
OK once you have it all good you have to save it. To do this click file Save Movie File.... Select my computer then next, enter any name you want for this step it does not matter, then hit next. Now choose what quality you want it too be saved at I recommend the highest you can do. Now press next and it should start making it. Once done you can exit Windows Movie Maker. Don't worry about waving the project unless you plan on making any changes to the intro you just made.
Converting the AVI back too a Bink
Now that you have you custom made intro you need to make it compatible with halo2. This is done by converting it back to a .bink file. NOTE this step can also be done if you already had a movie you just wanted to put as the intro! Open up Bink and Smacker again and find your new intro. Once you have found it press the big button the button left called Bink it! Now were is says output file info you MUST type intro60.bik If you don't type that exact thing it will not work at all!!! Now press Bink on the far right side. This may take a few minutes based on the size of the video. Once it is done open up FTP and FTP the new intro60.bik to the halo 2 bink folder. Make sure you overwrite the old one! Now launch Halo 2 and see how she looks!
OK Newbs I hope this helps u change the videos in halo 2 but this program can also be use for modding the intro and more in the disk like the attract60.bik and the credits60.bik just use the same tutorial that I made but this isnt just for halo 2 it can be used for modding intros of any Xbox game that has .bik maps.
****Found somewhere on the H2mod forum****

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