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H2 MoDz

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***First off, my buddy and I have made another site. This one is about tounaments, we will be playing LEGIT, for you modderz. The tournaments are for both Halo 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. It is completely free, if you think your interested in signing up..... go to --thanks****
So.... you wanna mod eh?
      I was the same way... see a few mods, think its cool, BUT have absolutely no idea what to do. Well, you've finally found that site that has everything you need. However, I do NOT take credit for most of the tutorials found here, I simply copied and pasted them, except for a few. I will certainly leave the name of the tutorials creator at the end or beginning of each tutorial.
      The reason I'm doing this is because I got tired of having 50 sites under my favorites section because sites with good tutorials are hard to find. I hope this website helps you to become a better modder and hopefully pass it down to other beginners. If any of the tutorial creators find this site and do not want me posting theirs, just e-mail me....politely, and I will gladly take it down and write my own.

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Hope this helps, If you do not understand a tutorial, email me and I will walk you through the steps.... you can also IM me at : motoplayground1 (AIM)

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AnD yOu ThOuGhT tHe DaYs Of HaLo MoDdInG wErE oVeR...