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H2 MoDz

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Important Notes

Single player maps don’t work
You can only mod one vehi per map if you try 2 you mess up vehi
If you Type of seats are same as in a vehi plug in
If you want to add multipliable seats of different types just open app aging
Don’t add more than 250 seats to a vehi LOL but I’m serious

Basic Mods:

Flying warthogs: go into dothalo (simplest) and got "vehi [vehicle] and drop it out and choose "objects/vehicles/warthog/warthog." In the box that appears, click on the flying flying checkbox.

-Dual Weild anything: go into any weapn under the "weap [weapon]" tag and in the box that appears when you click on it, choose dual wield. Just do it for every weapon.

-Run 5X faster than normal: Make sure you have the latest plugins (halomods, or they usually come with the program), and goto to "mtag [globals]." Drop it out and choose globals/globals. On the box that appears, change walking speed forward, crouching speed forward, crougching speed back, ect. to around 15 or 20.

-Increasing jump hight: in dothalo goto "bipd [biped]" and choose the biped that corrisponds with the character that you play with ingame. For example if you play as a masterchief player model, choose objects/characters/masterchief_mp (mp=important). If you play as an elite, choose "objects/characters/eliete_mp." In the box that appears, change the value (the white box) for jump hight to about 20. To get an idea of how high that is, 20 jump will make it so high that you can jump on top of acention both accention towers from the ground..

-Fully auto BR- goto "weap [weapon]" and choose: "objects/weapons/rifle/battle_rifle" In the box that appears, choose fully-auto.

-Four round burst: go to the battle_rifle again, and change shots per round to four.

- How not to get found: tutorial section on modding matchmaking and customs. Two tutorials. (If they got deleted, just ask some guys on the forum, it's common knoledge now)

-360 Autoaim - Get the autoaim plugin ( Save it as a .rar and then extract it. Put it in the .../plugins/halo2 folder of Dothalo. Then just open up any weapon (how to do stated above), and down at the bottom there is autoaim and autoaim angle. Change autoaim to like 400 and you should be good, and change the angle to 360 so it all around. There is two autoaims, I really don't know why. Just set the two w/ the same values.

-Changing spwns- Go into "mulg [Multiplayer Global]" and choose "multiplayer/multiplayer_globals" Your upper right hand side is your dependency window. Click on the weap tag of the weapon you want to swap for a vehicle. For exaple, if you wanted to swap the smg. choose weap - objects\weapons\rifle\smg. Chose it and change it's tag class at the top to vhei - vehicle. Then in dependency, choose the vehicle you want there and click swap. Done. (PS this can also be used to spawn scenery and weapons)

Get GlichyGaurdians from following programs: XY locator, and his spawn point changer. Use the program to find the XY coordinates of where you want to spawn. If you want to spawn on top of the level, z=14. If you want to spawn below (there has to be something down there, or else you will see the level from the outside, but can't move) z--1. Write down your spawn's XYZ coor. Then open glichy gaurdian's program and click on the scroll bar to find out how many points there are. Then divide that number by how many spawns you have. Then you find out points # what to # higher have XYZ value of ______. Just do all the points and done!

Ok this tut is to make an smg a suicide machine which can be entertaining in most cases
As always open updothalo and look for the tag called [weap] then select objects\weapons\rifle\smg\smg then go to the dependencies select objects\weapons\rifle\smg\projectiles\smg_bullet now change the projectile to objects\weapons\support_high\rocket_launcher\projectiles\rocket click save changes.
Now to make it suicidal go to the tag called [proj] select objects\weapons\support_high\rocket_launcher\projectiles\rocket because thats what we switched the SMG projectile to you will see these tags which will be edited in the tag editor.
Damage Effect Distance-10 needs to be switched to 50 so are around is deadly too.
Projectile Life Distance-175 change to zero
Life Span- 150 switch to zero
Fix encryption and hex sig or resign map and bam you have a suicide machine ready for almost any map!

Shoot out containment gates!

1. open up containment in dothalo
2. Go to [weap]Weapons and choose PP or rocket
3. For PP go to dependencies and click on proj.... bolt
4. Change the ID to Mach
5. Scroll down and choose gate/gate
6. Save changes and now the PP shoots a gate when its not charged

Make other teams start with no ammo and you have infinite

First Open up Dot Halo and scroll down to the WEAP tag.
Then go to what ever weapon you want I'm going to use the SMG.
In the tag editer window scroll down to clip and click 0.
Then Change deplete ammo and recharg ammo to 1000.
Change everything else to 1.

Jet Pack

1. First go the the jpt! damage tag.
2. Then select whichever gun's trigger you want to use. I'll be using the smg trigger.
3. In tag editor change it's force to around 30
4. After you saved those tag changes go to the proj projection tag.
5. Select the gun you chose's bullet. For me it's smg bullet.
6. Turn down the lifespan a little bit in tag editor. I changed mine to about 35 as it was originally at 40.

Add weather:

Step 1- Open Maps
Open Insolence. Now open the map that has the weather you want and the map that you would like to put it in. For this tutorial I'm going to use lockout and warlock.

Step 2- Drag & Drop
In lockout go to the "weat" tag and drag and drop "scenarios\multi\lockout\lockout" into warlock and from here you will see a box saying it is moving objects and re-linking them.

Step 3- Replacing old weather with new weather
Now we need to make warlock use the new weather. Open up the "scnr" tag for warlock. Open the reflexive about weather. Go to dependencies. Change the weather to the new one you added. Now. In order to make the weather change, you have to fix a dependency in the sbsp tag, which Insolence doesn't currently support. So open ADI, find the "weat" dependency in the sbsp tag, and change it to the new weather.

Step 4- Fix encryption
Click "Fix Map Signature" under Map Options. That's all.


1st go to the mode tag
2nd go to elite/masterchief
3rd null out all the shaders you see/make them null

Make an OrbHog:

first goto your vehi tag and find warthog/warthog then goto the dependencies window and find headlight lens and light then use the drop down menu bar thing and change both of those to sun and then save changes!! if you would like it to be anyu diferent colors such as blue, all you have to do is goto the [light] tag and find plasma grenade and change the light intensity to like 100 then goto [vehi] tag find warthog/warthog and click on it. Under dipendecies/loneidentidty... look for warthog headlights click on it then goto the drop bar and change it to plasma grenade. and change the tailights also and the thing in the middle. now just save changes fix encryption close map and shazamm orbhog!!


Making a Death RAY out of any weapon

Tut by *High On Pain*

You need H2X and DotHalo

Step 1 open H2X and open ur map and go to the weap you want to make a death ray for this tut i will be using a plasma rifle
now salect the plamsa rifle click meta editor click the fireing type tab and make sure thay are set as follows

0 ID
0 Trigger ID
-1 Secondary Fire (Y/N)
0 SF Value
0 SF Value

then click the projectile tab then under minimum and maximum ROF (RATE OF FIRE) type 0 thin in the trigger delay
box type 0 this in the muzzle climb box but 0 and then if the weap you are workin on is a plamsa weap (mine is)
you go down two Age Per Round and type 0 and go to Heat Per Round and type 0 (this well make the plasma weap never
overheat and then hit the blue save changes button and then the white and close H2X

NOTE: if your weapon you want want to make a death ray out of is a human type when you get into dot halo go to the
weapon tags and go to the weap you want and open it up click on the clip box thin hit 0 in the drop down box then
edit the ammo and make all the ammo values 10000 this well make no reload and alot of ammo holding the trigger down
it take around four mins to empty a human fully auto weap with that much ammo so you should be fine
Step 2 open Dothalo open ur map (the one you just edited in H2X) go to the weap tag the go to (the weap you were
working on in H2X) in the tag editor scrowl down to projectile then hit 0 in the drop down box (this is where it
starts becomming the death ray) type 10 or 15 in the bullets per shot box not anymore then 15 cuz it makes
the game lag when you shoot it cuz of the ROF ok after that go to the Minimum and Maximum spreads if you want the
ray to be skinny really dence type in the sniper rifle spreads if you want it to be in the middle kinda type the
human turret spread values if you want it to be large then type the ones from the shot gun thay are as follows

The Sniper Rifle Values

Minimum Spread: 0.008726646

Maximum Spread: 0.008726646
The Human turret Values

Minimum Spread: 0.008726646

Maximum Spread: 0.01745329
The shot gun Values

Minimum Spread: 0.1396263

Minimum Spread: 0.1745329

Ok after you have changed the spread values to the new ones of your choice hit save changes then go to the projectile
tags and edit the plasma rifle bolt or what every your weap / death ray shoots im using the plasma rifle bolts open up
the plasma rifle bolt tag and scrowl down and Change the initial speeds and finel speeds to how ever fast you want the
ray to go i find that 1500 is fast enuf it doesnt really need to be anyfaster and then hit save changes and ur done

AnD yOu ThOuGhT tHe DaYs Of HaLo MoDdInG wErE oVeR...