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DotHalo Basics
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****Tutorial by THG LUIGI****
Ok I have Decided to make a tutorial on the dothalo basics It will include everything:::
Programs needed:

First thing your going to have to do if you want to edit a map in dothalo is open it in dothalo. To do that click the bottom at the top left that says open map
user posted image

Ill use Turf as an example:

First we will do some upgrades for the master chief:
Click the Plus(+) sign on +[Bipd]Biped
which will then bring up these options





Click on objects\charcters\masterchief\masterchief_mp
When you click on it, it will bring up the "Tag Editor" where you can edit all the options of the master chief, this is what you have done so far::
user posted image

Some things you would want the Master Chief to be able to do is
*Jump Really high*
*Pick things up from far away*
Well this is how you do that:
The jump hight right now is "3.08", Change that to 30
the item pick up distance is"0.44", Also change that to 30

This is what you had---
user posted image
And now this is what you should have---
user posted image

Now on the tags window click save changes and wait for it to load--
user posted image

Now that your master chief can jump high and pick items up from far away we should make him run super fast right??

well to do that were going to have to click the + on the Global's tag
then click the globals\globals tag so that the Tag Editor comes up--
user posted image

In the Tag Editor what you are going to want to edit is only:
The multiplayer "Walking" and "Croutching" Speeds Do Not worry about the single player speeds.
Heres what to put for the walking speeds:::
Walking Speed FwD--15
Walking Speed Rev--15
Walking Speed Sdw--15
Walking Speed Accel-20
Croutching Speed FwD--5
Croutching Speed Rev--5
Croutching Speed Sdw--5
Croutching Speed Accel-10

So heres what you had---
user posted image

And this is what you should have now--
user posted image
HERES the weapon half of my Tutorial:

Now that you have Supper Speed, Jumps, and Weapon distance pickup

We should do some weapon Upgrades, No??
Lets just use the Battle Rifle as an example

Scroll down and click the + on the [weap]Weapon tag
And since we want to edit the Battle Rifle click:
user posted image

Some things you would want your battle rifle to have is:
Two Zooms
360 auto aim
high aim range
Infinate ammo
Shoot sniper shoots
Automatic fire

So this is what your looking at before you change anything:

user posted image

To make your weapon duel wieldable, under the flags catgory click the check next to the duel wieldable flag

user posted image

The zoom lelvels:
Change the zoom level Number from 1 to a 2
leave the minimum zoom as 2
And change the maximum zoom from 2 to a higher number like 8 or10
This is what you had:
user posted image
And now this is what you changed it to:
user posted image

Now that our Battle Rifle has 2 zooms and is duel wieldable lets give it some 360 auto aim!!

Directly below the zoom changes you should see:
Aquire Target distance-17
Deviation Angle-0.05235988
Auto-Aim Range1-17
Deviation Angle2-0.1047198
Auto-Aim Range2-21
**What you want to do is 360 auto aim and a high aim range right?**
so make the Angles 360 and the range 1000
So... it should look like this:
Aquire Target distance-1000
Deviation Angle-360
Auto-Aim Range1-1000
Deviation Angle2-360
Auto-Aim Range2-1000

Heres what you had---
user posted image

***And now this is what you changed it to***

user posted image
We still have to do:
Infinate ammo
Shoot Sniper Shots
Auto-Matic Fire

SO... Lets get to it!

To edit the ammo of your battle rifle scroll down to the"clip" drop down bar and click the 0

Heres the pic:
user posted image

Now the numbers next to:
Deplete Ammo
Recharge ammo
Starting ammo
Maximum ammo
Clip size
Maximum Holding ammo
Shots reloaded

Should now be filled in

Now to give your Battle rifle infinate ammo, change whatever the number is next to:
Starting ammo
Maximum ammo
Clip size
Maximum Holding ammo
Shots reloaded
**Is to 10000**

Heres what you had---
user posted image
Now this is what you changed it to--
user posted image

Now that you got Infinate ammo Lets make the Battle rifle shoot sniper shots:

Now to do that instead of being in the "Tags Editor" You want to be in the "Dependiencys/LoneIDs/Reflexsives box"

Once your in that box look around intill you find:
And click it
so now your dothalo looks like this:
user posted image

Go up a little untill you see the "Tag Class" Drop down bar and click it-
user posted image

NOTE only click that iff you want to change the class(so instead of shooting a PROJECTILE you could shoot a VECH

So for our purposes leave it as a *proj* and click the drop down bar underneath it----
user posted image

And change it to a:

user posted image

And then click both save buttons
user posted image
We still have to make our battle rifle auto matic and for that we will need H2X and Dothalo:

Since were in dothalo right now lets do what we have to do in there first

In the Tags Editor of the Battle rifle scroll down where you see the *Projectile* Drop down bar and click the 0---
user posted image

After you click it all the Boxs below the Projectile drop down box fill in with numbers-

user posted image

Now what you have to do is change the following:

Minimum rate of fire-15
Maximum rate of fire-15
Shots per Burst-3
Muzzle Climb-3


Minimum rate of fire-80
Maximum rate of fire-80
Shots per Burst-0
Muzzle Climb-0

SO it looks like this--
user posted image

Then click save and close your map on dothalo-
user posted image

Open your map in H2X-
user posted image

Once your map is open scroll down and click the + next to the
weapon tag::
user posted image

Once that is open scroll down intill you find:

Once you clicked on that, click on the *Meta Editor* Located at the bottom Left
user posted image

Then the options for editing the Battle Rifle should come up:
Out off all those on the right, the only one we are intrested in is the *Firing Type*

user posted image

Now that we got the Firing Type options open Change the following *FROM-TO*
Trigger ID-4
Secondary Fire(Y/N)-0
SF Value-0
SF Value-0


Trigger ID-0
Secondary Fire(Y/N)- -1
SF Value-0
SF Value-0

And Click Save:
user posted image

Now X out of H2X and reopen Dothalo:
once your dothalo is open click*Fix Encription* a window will pop up when it does find your map and it will fix encription for you
user posted image
Once its done Fixing Encription close dothalo and open your map in CMR
Once you have opend your map, click sign map.

user posted image

Once you have done that:::::
CONGRADULATIONS you have just modded a Halo 2 map all you have to do now is FTP it to your xbox and your done Enjoy


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