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H2 MoDz

To Bridge yourself host
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Bridging yourself host

Ok.... have everything setup as in the "bridging someone host" section of the tutorials. Now, while your in the lobby, and you must be party leader, have your internet security settings on high and your trusted settings on medium. Start the game. Now, you should get host boxes (be in stage 2 by yourself with empty boxes), its ok if it doesn't happen right away. However, if you get yellow boxes and you didnt have empty boxes it didnt work, cancel the search and go back to the lobby. If you do get boxes then lower your internet security settings to medium to let people in. When all the boxes are full get ready on your zone alarm. When you go into step 3, the yellow boxes will disappear at that exact moment click the padlock in the upper right hand corner of your zone alarm, or click "cntrl + L ". If you did it right you should go to step 4 and see the countdown for the game to begin. If you did it wrong, nothing will show up and after about 5 seconds you will be lagged out of the game so quickly unlock the padlock or hit "cntrl + L" again. Just practice and you will get it down.
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