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The first step to becoming the first God on your block...

When you soft mod an xbox, all your doing is installing another dashbord, the reason you need to install a diffrent dashboard is because with the MS dash you cant FTP.
You need a version of this game around the time it practiclly came out because when they figured out there was a mistake they started patching the games so you might be able to buy it used but i suggest asking your friends if they have one of these games.
Stuff Needed
1.An Xbox....duh
2.Action Replay-you can get one from any gamestore for about 30$
3.One of three games:
   b.splinter cell
   c.007 agent under fire
4.The linux installer game save
Step-1-Delete any othere files you may have on your xbox for that game  or it might not work,
Step-2-use your action replay to transfer over the gamesave
Step-3-put the game disk in{mechassult,splintercell,007agent under fire which ever you have}
Step-4-now load the campagin gamesave called RUN LINUX
Step-5-You should be brought to a red screen, Click "waffle zone tools". which will bring you to a new menu in that menu click "back up menu"
step-6-In this menu make click to make a backup of the following:
C backup
The Eeprom will bring you too either a black with a whole bunch of codeing or a green screen that is scrambled but dont worry thats fine
Step-7- When your disk drive light  blinks green, that is your single to turn your xbox off and on and load mechassult
Step-8- Run linux agin where this time in "Waffel zone tools" you will click the "install uxe"
Step-9-When the disk drive light is blinking green. Then turn your xbox off take the cd out, turn your xbox off and back on agin, which will bring you to a diffrent red dashboard. and there you go you have just soft modded your xbox!
 Restoring the MS dash
Step-1-Turn your xbox on with the disk drive (you will notice everytime you turn it on with the disk drive yo go back to that original red dash)
Step-2-Go into "Waffel Zone Tools>Backup Menu>Retore Unmodded.
****By THG LUIGI****

AnD yOu ThOuGhT tHe DaYs Of HaLo MoDdInG wErE oVeR...