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H2 MoDz

Skinning H2
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Things needed
1. the .dds plugin
4.adobe photoshop
5. the and also the main menu .map off your hardrive these are on your disc so make sure you put halo 2 on your hdd first.
ok so here we go after youve got those and youve extracted the .dds plugin to both adobe photoshop and dothalo your ready to start
1. first thing is to go into halo 2 ib open the map your reskining and make every bitmap internal that you are gong to reskin using the nonproper method.
2. go into dothalo and the open the map and extract the bitmaps your going to reskin.
3. Go Into adobe photoshop and choose the bitmaps you extracted and redo them however you want.
4. now save these bitmaps in the same format as the ones you extracted this format will be in dxt1, dxt3,or dxt5.
5. now in dothalo go to the bitmap you reskin and choose inject bitmap and choose the one you reskinned.
6. now fix encryption and resign then your ready to ftp it to your xbox.

Click this to see a video tutorial

AnD yOu ThOuGhT tHe DaYs Of HaLo MoDdInG wErE oVeR...